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      Your current position: Home > About Us

          Caoxian Hengzheng Arts&Crafts CO., LTD is a professional factory, who specializes in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of wooden, willow and straw products. The factory located in southwest Shandong province, China.

          The company makes full use of all sorts of high quality raw materials which are planted in local area. Combining traditional craft with modern technology, we design and produce more than ten thousands varieties of green and elegant furniture, grass products, willow products, present boxes, Christmas gifts, wooden toys and pet products etc.

          Products have been exported to worldwide countries and regions, such as North and South America, Europe Union countries, Africa and Middle-east region etc.

          Our company has won high reputation from home and overseas customers with the guidelines “reliable quality, stylish designs, competitive price, prompt delivery and high quality service”.

          Welcome all the customers at home and abroad to our company for mutual benefit and development.

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